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Blog Category: Water Damage Restoration

Westchester Was Rocked By Multiple Tornadoes And Mass Power Outages

Published by SEO on May 22, 2018 in category: Water Damage Restoration
This most recent spring storm hit Westchester hard last week, as it uprooted trees, caused widespread power outages and even ripped structures from their foundation. In fact, this storm was more than just a regular rainstorm, the weather system actually created two tornadoes that spun... 

Inspect Your Home Properly After The Storm

Published by SEO on January 9, 2018 in category: Water Damage Restoration
The water damage experts at 911 Restoration of Westchester wants the community to know that when they are dealing with a water disaster like the bomb cyclone they can depend on us 24/7/365 to assist them. We take all water-related situations very seriously, so when... 

Staying Safe In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Irma

Published by SEO on September 11, 2017 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration
Staying Safe In The Aftermath Of Hurricane Irma As home and business owners are still recovering after the impact of both Hurricane Harvey and now Irma, it is necessary to stay prepared even as the storm passes through and continues on into other states. When... 

How To Handle A Flooded Basement

Published by SEO on July 17, 2017 in category: Water Damage Restoration
If you have ever walked down into the basement to get your laundry out of the dryer and found yourself standing in a foot of water, then you understand the headache that is a flooded basement. Despite the overwhelming nature of such an incident, it... 

Ice Dams Spoil Springtime

Published by SEO on March 20, 2015 in category: Water Damage Restoration
Ice dams sound like something out of a comic book or a geologist’s blog, but in reality they are a way of life for people in the entire New England area and they can destroy homes if not properly handled. Ice dams form when snow... 
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