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Flooded Basement Peekskill

Flooded basement catastrophes can disrupt your home life, your work life, and even affect the health of your family. That is why 911 Restoration Westchester and our flooded basement Peekskill team is available 24/7, every day of the week. We pride ourselves on protecting the health and livelihoods of the residents in Peekskill. Peekskill began to actively recruit artists to the town in the 1980s. The town now offers many galleries and museums as well as art auctions. Many artists have basement studios they rely on and a basement flood can damage art in progress as well as property and living space. Our flooded basement Peekskill team responds within 45 minutes to protect artists and ordinary citizens with the best water damage restoration services. We value professionalism and act quickly to clean and restore basements damaged by flooding. Whether you have a flood from a water heater or heavy storms, call 911 Restoration Westchester today for a free inspection.

What Should I Do if I Have Water Heater Flood?

In case of a burst water heater our flooded basement Peekskill experts recommend putting safety first by following a couple of simple steps.

  • Turn off the water going to your house
  • Set the main circuit breaker to “Off”
  • Call 911 Restoration Westchester
  • Call your insurance company

Water coming directly from a broken water heater can be hot enough to cause serious burns. Additionally, there are often electrical outlets or wiring in walls near water heaters that may conduct electricity through the hot water. By turning off the water and switching off your electricity you will stop more flooding and prevent possible electrocution. Calling our flooded basement Peekskill team will ensure that you will receive prompt same day service. Finally, calling your insurance company means you can begin the insurance claims process so you will not have to pay out of pocket for water removal, and 911 Restoration Westchester will help you with your insurance.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Covers A Flooded Basement?

There are three ways to find our if your insurance covers a flooded basement: read your insurance policy, consult with your insurance company, and ask our flooded basement Peekskill team. Read your policy carefully for coverage details regarding leaks, rain, or sewage damage so you can adjust your policy to cover all potential water damage problems. Many insurance companies do not include flood coverage as standard and it needs to be added separately. Our flooded basement Peekskill team has experience working with all insurance companies so we can help you sort flood insurance from regular homeowners insurance. We will also work with your insurance adjuster and the staff of 911 Restoration Westchester can even file an insurance claim for you. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our customers. That means we handle water mitigation, restoration, and even your insurance company for you. When your learn about 911 Restoration Westchester you will discover that there is a reason we are the best restoration company in Peekskill.

Who Is the Best Restoration Company in Peekskill

911 Restoration is far and away the best restoration company in Peekskill and that is entirely due to the skill of our flooded basement Peekskill crew. We always put the customer first in everything we do. Your home and your life is our primary concern. Our customers rely on 911 Restoration Westchester to reset their lives after a disaster, and we make it our mission to give all of our customers a fresh start on life. Call us today for flooded basement restoration services at an affordable price.

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