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Sewage Backup Pelham

Three Categories of Sewage Backup

Sewage backup comes in three forms, appropriately named category 1, 2, and 3. The scale starts at clean water being 1 and ends with black water being 3 with gray water in the middle at 2. The toxicity levels of the water determine which category it fits into. Category 1 clean water has no pollutants, but still contains enough moisture to spread mod and damage building materials.

Category 2 contains bacteria in the water that causes diseases if swallowed. It will also mar your property and promotes mold at an accelerated rate.

The deadliest of these is category 3 black water, or returning water, reserved for outgoing sewage lines containing human waste. Do not attempt a DIY job here. Respect the waste and keep your distance. Close your water line, call 911 Restoration Westchester, and wait for our sewage backup Pelham operatives to arrive.

We understand the shocking and debilitating nature of this absurdity, so we get to your home fast and start the restoration process faster.

Between working directly with your insurance company and boasting a knowledge outmatched by any other company, we promise to serve you with the unequaled best customer service through our fresh start attitude.

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