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Water Damage Mount Vernon

When it comes to the fundamental challenges that a ceiling leak situation presents, there is no better solution than the deft expertise of 911 Restoration Westchester owners Eli Elfasi, Daniel Gradus, and their water damage Mount Vernon team.

Water Damage Technician Prepping Suction HosesSolving water damage scenarios requires not only the experience that Daniel and Eli possess, but also a rapid response time too. This is why Daniel, Eli and the water damage Mount Vernon team will always arrive as quickly as possible for of any kind of distress call for help.

“Eli and I, along with our team are available 24/7/365 days a year so that there is no situation which springs up that we can’t handle with ease anytime it happens,” Daniel says.

Our water damage Mount Vernon unit understands how important it is for us to get to the damage site quickly, so our mold removal Mount Vernon operation is standing by every day of the year, which enables us to send you help no matter what time you call.

Not only will Eli, Daniel and the water damage Mount Vernon team come quickly and stay until the job is done, but they will also bring all of the latest drying technology and suction equipment to your project too, as long as working with IICRC certified technicians when needed. 

When homeowners notice that water has began to leak into your property, you can call the water damage Mount Vernon pros and our mold removal Mount Vernon crew will be at your home within 45 minutes to begin renovations. Our cutting-edge equipment gives them the ability to eliminate the water from people’s homes and businesses quicker and more efficiently so that people can get back to enjoying their space as fast as possible.

When it comes to mitigating flood damage, our water damage Mount Vernon workers know it is crucial to extract the water immediately, so our mold removal Mount Vernon members always offer same day services for all water-related issues. Our water damage Mount Vernon techs are trained to mitigate all causes of water and mold damage, including

If your home or store is flooded through with water damage from a pipe burst, ceiling leak, water heater malfunction, then don’t wait another minute to contact Eli, Daniel and the water damage Mount Vernon crew with 911 Restoration Westchester today!

How To Prevent a Ceiling Leak Scenario

When a ceiling leak occurs it doesn’t just affect the roof line, it can allow water and water damage to occur wherever gravity takes it, which is usually all the way down to the foundation if left unchecked for too long.

Water Damage After Ceiling Leak“We have seen new homes with just a few missing shingles from the last wind storm cause serious water damage when the rain starts and finds a way inside with a ceiling leak.” Daniel says.

“We’ve seen situations with roof leaks and ceiling flooding where it goes all the way to the ground and everything from the studs out needs to be replaced,” Eli says. “But these are preventable situations, and that’s why we try and give people the info they need to make sure this doesn’t happen to them.”

  • Never let the temperature in your home drop too low. If it gets past the freezing point and there is still water left in the system, then it may create a pipe burst scenario in your attic which can be costly to fix.
  • Clean out your gutters every year before winter starts to ensure that there is no debris in the system which may cause and ice dam, then water damage from a ceiling leak.
  • Make sure to trim the trees around your property that may endanger the roof if they fall in heavy snow or high wind.
  • Check the integrity of your roof by inspecting it from inside the attic for any leaks, and visually from on top of the roof to spot any missing shingles or other issues that will only grow if left unchecked.

Mold and fungi do more than just make your home look dirty and smell bad, our mold removal Mount Vernon unit know it can actually have a negative impact on the health of everyone living with the substance. Our water damage Mount Vernon operation wants homeowners to know that mold growth is one of the biggest repercussion of unmitigated water damage.

If it is left to breed in the home for a significant period of time, you can begin to inhale the spores on a regular basis, which our mold removal Mount Vernon workers know can cause some side effects that can threaten your health. When you notice that you experience allergy symptoms whenever you enter the home, then our water damage Mount Vernon members want you to know that you may have mold, even if you can’t see it out in the open.

Our mold removal Mount Vernon techs know that the combination of water and mold can cause rot to occur, which our water damage Mount Vernon experts know may affect the structure of the home’s foundation. So, if your home is already dealing with a ceiling leak, then don’t hesitate to contact our water damage Mount Vernon team with 911 Restoration Westchester today for all the help you need!

Rusted Pipes and Main Line Maintenance

Eli and Daniel have seen and solved every kind of water damage crisis that exists in this industry and that has given them the know-how and skill to handle any scenario that they encounter.

Water Damage Restoration Vans At Job Location“Recently we were challenged by an older home where the homeowner was replacing the toilet themselves and when they got to the intake pipe from the wall, it broke off due to severe rusting,” Eli says. “Then they went to shut off the main line, and since it hadn’t had any maintenance, that was rusted too and couldn’t be shut completely off.”

Daniel and Eli got to the site as quickly as they could and immediately began the process of extracting the category two water from the site, and simultaneously mending the main line pipe to shut off the water.

“After we got the water shut down, the leak stopped and we had an opportunity to take on all the other challenges that this old house needed looked at,” Daniel says. “Ultimately the homeowner opted for a refitting of the plumbing that was rusted out which was a great decision because it likely saved them from a future rest induced water damage related situation down the road.”

If your home is affected by water damage and it causes mold, then our water damage Mount Vernon team wants you to be aware that there may be some negative effects that the exposure to those substances may have on your health.  It is important that our mold removal Mount Vernon staff help you to understand that when you inhale mold spores they can cause some people to have an allergic reaction.

Our water damage Mount Vernon technicians know that there presence can cause an onset of allergy symptoms, which can eventually lead to asthma. Our mold removal Mount Vernon agents have access to the top of the line equipment, as well as having many years of experience in the mold eradication industry, where our water damage Mount Vernon specialists have seen all types of infestations.

If your home is experiencing a rust borne flooding event, or if you want to know how to prevent one from occurring, then don’t wait another second to contact Daniel, Eli and the water damage Mount Vernon team with 911 Restoration Westchester for help today!

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