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Flooded Basement Pelham Manor, NY

The beautiful historic homes found in Pelham Manor lend this community a special charm that could be drenched in an instant due to water damage, so our flooded basement Pelham Manor, NY company stays prepared with the latest drying technology to bring that historic charm back. 911 Restoration Westchester has over 35 years of experience safeguarding those homes and many others from the destructive power of flooded basements. Water damage caused by a flooded basement can severely impact the structural integrity of your home. Call us at the first sign of flooding and we will be on site within 45 minutes to ensure that your home receives the professional service it deserves.

What are the Causes of Water Damage?

The causes of water damage are nearly infinite because water can get into your home from anywhere like washer bursts, heavy rain, flash floods, toilet overflows, and poor plumbing; once it’s in the property, the damage begins and our flooded basement Pelham Manor techs are the only people standing between your home and utter disrepair. Flooded basements can wreak havoc on a home’s foundation and can even become a major health hazard if left alone to grow toxic black mold. Flooded basements are a serious problem, but with the 911 Restoration Pelham Manor on your side, your home will be as good as new in no time! We use the latest drying technology for water extraction to ensure that your home is restored to its proper condition. Our same day service is available 24/7 so give us a call anytime!

How much does your Flooded Basement Pelham Manor, NY Companies Charge?

Our flooded basement Pelham Manor, NY charges the least amount possible because we are working with all insurance companies to get you an affordable price. Sometimes you pay nothing out of pocket. We understand how frustrating a flooded basement can be and that’s why we always put the customer first with same day service and a free inspection. Give us a call for a and we will provide the professional service you deserve!

How can I Avoid Water Damage?

Here are a few tips on how you can avoid water damage with the aid of our flooded basement Pelham Manor, NY team: install a sump pump, invest in a sewage backflow valve, request our free inspection. Sump Pumps help clear a room of water by pumping it away from your home. Sewage backflow valves will prevent harmful sewage and black water from backing up into your home. If you find yourself dealing with a basement full of black water, do not touch it! Unlike gray water, black water contains harmful bacteria that can make you and your loved ones very ill. Our flooded basement Pelham Manor, NY specialists spot all of these problems before they drown your house. If you follow these tips you will significantly reduce the risk of dealing with a flooded basement in the future. If you do happen to find yourself faced with basement flooding then give 911 Restoration a call before you need disaster restoration so you don’t need mold remediation in the future.

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