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Fire Damage Restoration Westchester: Michael Bay comes to New York

Published August 15, 2014 in category: Uncategorized
With the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film released, Michael Bay has officially landed in New York, and he has brought his explosions with him. From Armageddon to Transformers, the question has never been asked, who cleans up after all the drama and fiery mayhem?... 

Water Damage Westchester: Flash Flood Watch August 12th 2014

Published August 12, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration
As day turns to night, the rains over the Ohio valley have flooded into Southern Westchester and other nearby counties. Due to the already high water levels in the area, a flash flood watch is in effect for the area until Wednesday (8/12/2014) morning. Officials... 

Water Damage: The Ossining Boil

Published August 4, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration
The Ossining Water Department had a busy weekend, but the boil warning has ended. On Thursday night (8/1/2014), a pipe broke along Route 134 and Route 9A, potentially contaminating the water supply of residents in Westchester County. The boil order was put into effect by... 

Mold Removal Westchester: Mold is Like…

Published July 23, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection
There are probably an abundance of things in your life that you wouldn’t put on hold, like bathing your dog, bathing yourself or just plain bathing in general. So when you see mold, why wait? Do something about it. Not only does mold destroy your... 

Water Damage Westchester: How to Avoid the Bonnie Situation

Published July 22, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration
“Pulp Fiction” was the movie that defined the 1990s and independent film culture for two generations. Quentin Tarantino’s smooth talking philosopher hitmen, Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega, defined cool in an awkward Tarantino kind of way. One of the most memorable moments in “Pulp Fiction”... 
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