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Fire Damage Restoration Westchester: Michael Bay comes to New York

Published by SEO on August 15, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair

With the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film released, Michael Bay has officially landed in New York, and he has brought his explosions with him. From Armageddon to Transformers, the question has never been asked, who cleans up after all the drama and fiery mayhem?  If Michael Bay ever leaves your home a charred mess, call a professional fire damage restoration Westchester company to restore it to its rightful condition. It has been 16 years since the trigger-happy director wrecked the city of New York in Armageddon, and he is back to do it again.

Two Cities for the Price of One

In the Film Armageddon, Michael Bay manages to smash a significant portion of New York City and Paris. He successfully erupted two of the world’s most iconic cities at once. The fire and smoke damage that litters these two scenes are astronomical. If an asteroid obliterates your home, be sure to enlist the aid of fire damage restoration Westchester experts for acidic smoke removal and soot clean up. While this might not seem like much, after the initial fire is put out the hidden smoke can cause respiratory illness. If Bay’s films have a message, it is, “Even in the face of such a large catastrophe, it is the little things that count.”

Domestic and Abroad

Michael Bay has an affinity for blowing everything up, not just buildings. In Pearl Harbor, he sets his sights on aircraft and warships. While he could not realistically make the film without explosions, he takes the high-intensity moments to the extreme. Similarly, in Bad Boys 2 he demolishes a Cuban Mansion. From one Ocean to the other, this director has mastered the art of fireworks. Of course, if your boat or mansion catches fire, call the fire damage restoration experts to repair it, no matter how many times it exploded.

Bay Demolishes Chicago

Michael Bay’s current legacy sits with Transformers Franchise, where he blows away the heart of Chicago. With that bit of demolition under his belt, where is the director to turn, but New York with TMNT. Whether its robots engaging in epic combat above your property, or asteroids ripping a city apart, remember to always have fire damage restoration Westchester specialists on speed dial. You never know when Michael Bay is coming to your town.

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