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How Sanitization Improves Mental Health of Occupants

Published by 911 Restoration Westchester NY on April 7, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

The Link between Sanitization and Mental Health52.9 million people in the US were living with a mental illness in 2020, and the pandemic has worsened this number. Mental health was always a critical topic, but it did not receive its due importance until a few decades ago. Although we now have better avenues to help people struggling with their mental health, it will take some time before our efforts meet people’s needs.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t improve minor aspects that can make slight differences in our loved ones’ lives. For example, mental health and sanitization are closely linked, with research attesting that cleanliness positively affects mental health.

Therefore, one solution is to facilitate sanitization to help someone who needs some support through their darker periods.

How Sanitization Improves Mental Health

There are several ways in which sanitization improves mental health, the most prominent of which are listed below.

     1. Cleanliness Releases Endorphins

Cleaning or seeing clean surroundings releases endorphins that suppress feelings of anxiety and depression. Major depression disorder and sanitization especially have a cyclic relationship. People with depression struggle to maintain hygiene habits, and that, in turn, worsens their mental health further.

The best way to help someone suffering from a depressive episode is to facilitate sanitization and support them while they try to get back into their routine. If you struggle with depression-related hygiene maintenance, it will help to consider hygiene less of social compulsion and not force yourself.

Please also seek help from a licensed therapist to ensure you support your need.

     2. The Fresh Odors Lift Moods

Research shows that fragrances directly or indirectly impact people psychologically and physiologically. Pine, rosemary, peppermint scents are known for their refreshing aromas, and they are especially beneficial for mental health. 

They help uplift a person’s mood, making it easier for the affected person to shift their focus to the current environment. However, the scents need to be a complementary part of the sanitization process. They will offer little help on their own.

     3. Decluttered Environment Minimizes Overload

It isn’t easy to keep things organized when you are suffering from a severe depressive or anxiety episode, which is why your loved ones need to do it for you. Research shows that organized and de-cluttered environments positively impact a person’s mental health, reducing anxiety and improving their concentration levels.

A primary reason is that cluttered spaces often create information overload, a situation the mind is least prepared to handle while struggling. Removing this source of overload will ease the pressure, helping our nervous system focus on specific messages.

     4. Improves Sleep Quality

A sanitized room, de-cluttered space, and fresh-smelling environment are practical tools for improving sleeping habits and sleep quality. Numerous research papers have explored the relationship between sleep and depression and anxiety disorders, concluding that sleep deprivation negatively affects mental health. 

Clean rooms can improve sleep quality and overall sleep hygiene, making it more necessary to leverage them to improve mental health. Restful sleep is responsible for neurological and physical recovery, so it is critical to your overall health.

     5. Supports Physical Health

Lastly, sanitization is crucial for your physical health. Lack of cleanliness makes the air stale, increases infection-causing pathogens, and fills the environment with allergens. All these elements are detrimental to physical and mental health, both dependent on each other.

Working on improving physical health positively affects mental health, while improved mental health boosts motivation for physical activity. This cyclic effect creates a sustainable system for a person’s overall wellness.

Sanitization and Routine

Sanitization has direct benefits for mental health, but there are also a few routine improvements that eventually facilitate overall wellness.

    1. Organized and Clean Setup

Firstly, a sanitized house is organized and clean, lowering the risk of infection or accidents. The lack of clutter reduces a person’s frustration in chaotic circumstances and helps them inch closer to normalcy.

    2. Increases Efficiency

A key reason why people suffering from mental health issues find routine overwhelming is because the mess makes it impossible for them to cope. Depending on the severity of the condition, you’ll have to work with professional cleaners to get their place sanitized and organized. 

They’ll have an easier time finding things in a clean house, increasing general efficiency. The higher efficiency makes it easier to get tasks done and will motivate them to continue their journey towards betterment.

    3. Positive Energy

Sanitization imbues the environment with positive energy, which facilitates mental health improvement. It is suitable for the body and mind to live in clean environments.

How 911 Restoration of Westchester Helps

911 Restoration of Westchester has been a part of the home restoration industry for several years, and we have extensive sanitization experience. Our team is incredibly professional and customer-centric, so they understand your or your loved ones’ needs.

We will do everything we can to ensure you get maximum support from our efforts and work with you to keep the house neat, clean, and refreshed.

Wrapping Up

In short, sanitization has a tremendously positive impact on mental health, and using professional services will optimize your efforts. Please contact the team at 911 Restoration of Westchester for all emergencies by calling (914) 222-4041. We work 24/7, and our teams will reach you within 45 minutes of your call. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded business that you can trust. We also work with all insurance companies to ensure you get the coverage you need to recover from the damage. 


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