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Fire Damage Westchester: Deep Purple, Subliminal Messages and Smoke on the Water

Published by 911 Restoration Westchester NY on July 17, 2014 in category: Fire Damage Repair


If you were one of those kids who read ‘Hit Parader’ and ‘Guitar World’ magazine and lucked out by getting an electric guitar for your birthday, one of the first riffs you likely learned to play was the iconic four-note blues scale melody in G Dorian mode harmonized in parallel fourths that made Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ an international hit. And if you talk to a fire damage Westchester  company and ask about the technical process involved in fire damage restoration after first listening to the ‘Smoke on the Water’ lyrics, you may detect the subliminal cry for fire damage restoration help as a message embedded in this classic song.

Some Stupid With a Flare Gun

According to the lyrics, “some stupid with a flare gun” burned down the mobile home on the Lake Geneva shoreline where Frank Zappa and “the mothers” were making records in Switzerland. Let’s face it, they were all probably drinking and tripping on acid. And getting stupid with a flare gun surely seemed like a capital idea. This is where the subliminal message sets in: Zappa’s cry for fire damage restoration services is hearkened by the chorus, “smoke on the water, fire in the sky”, and the immediate telling that the gambling house also burned to the ground further reinforces this notion. You see, fire damage restoration doesn’t merely encompass removing the noxious black charred coating that destroys wood or the smoke that gives a home a sickening smell; it also involves removing the water that was sprayed in by ambitious fire hoses. Therefore the imagery of chaos spinning off the shores of Lake Geneva that mingle water with fire nods to the restoration services that Zappa was clearly calling out for, but he was too drunk and high to pick up the phone and dial.

Lesson Learned from Funky Claude

According to the lyrics, “Funky Claude was running in and out pulling kids out of the ground” while the gambling house “died with an awful sound”. Clearly that awful sound was the screams of victims burning in a fire who were unable to be properly rescued because they were all too whacked out of their minds on drugs to know what to do. We can learn a lesson from Funky Claude when it comes to evacuating a burning home. Be sure to have the following in place:

  • A fire escape plan featuring two exits from every room and hall in the house
  • A meeting place outside the home to ensure all are safe
  • If small children are in the home, plan for a single trip out to evacuate them all, pets included
  • Don’t do drugs; they are bad and make evacuation troublesome

Who knows what drug was on that gave Funky Claude the notion that children were in the ground requiring rescue from flames. If a fire breaks out in your home and a relative is dropping acid in a guest bedroom, make sure you evacuate him WITH the children so he can see they are safe, and keep a tight leash on the inebriated individual.

Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky

A house fire will result in both water and fire damage. Only certified professionals can restore homes corrupted by smoke, water and fire. Frank Zappa knew this, and his hit song was a clear cry for help. Just remember, whether your wife’s crazy brother fires a flare gun into your kitchen or you fall victim to a spreading wildfire, don’t sit there and write a song about it: evacuate, call 911, and then phone your trusted fire damage Westchester company to provide immediate fire damage restoration services!

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