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Is Mold Damage Part of Westchester, NY Urban Legends?

Published by 911 Restoration Westchester NY on May 19, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection

Ah urban legends; they consume our childhood memories of telling scary stories under the glare of a flashlight at sleep-overs, and they draw curious on-lookers from out of town. But could mold have a connection between the subjects that orchestrated these tales of madness? According to a 2011 article featured in ‘Westchester Magazine’, the story of Buckout Road in West Harrison is swimming with some grizzly legends, and all of them could be argued to have a direct connection to mold (insert scream here)!

Is Mold Ever Flesh-Eating?

No household mold spore has ever been linked to flesh-eating activities. What has, though, could have been caused by mold. First of all, there is scientific evidence that mold can cause people to have violent hallucinations and even cause fits and massive convulsions. In one legend surrounding Buckout Road that takes on the semblance of the “Bloody Mary” myth, if you drive up to the notorious red house on the street and honk your horn three times, cannibalistic albinos come out and tear you apart. Of course this seems rather far-fetched, but perhaps the red house is in need of mold remediation services because there is a bad black mold strain that has caused the homeowners to go totally loopy….or is this real? Try for yourself, if you dare (insert sinister laugh here)!

Can Mold Subconsciously Encourage Witchcraft?

In a rather indirect way, yes, mold can subconsciously encourage witchcraft, depending on the strain. Some types of mold prompt strange behavior and hallucinations. Therefore prolonged exposure to the right types of mold could cause one to think they are Captain America, Abraham Lincoln or make them think they are witches in need of engaging in a black mass due to the exposure of black spores. In another myth associated with the Buckout Road legend three women were accused of practicing witchcraft and were promptly burned at the stake (though in American witchcraft trials those found guilty were commonly hanged or pressed to death by rocks). One theory for the Salem Witch scare is centered around mold, so why not this tale?

How can Mold Impact my Family’s Health

Mold can impact your family’s health by causing skin irritations, breathing problems, headaches and respiratory problems. So relax, the chances that your spouse will start reading the ‘Grand Grimoire’ around a circle of black candles is highly unlikely, as is the chance your kids may hallucinate and think there are flesh-eating albinos hiding in their closets. However, mold is more commonly known to cause asthma and lung disease, and should not be taken lightly. If you ever hired a company to perform water damage restoration services for a slow pipe leak, but the area was never dried properly, you would be wise to call a reputable professional restoration company to come and perform a free mold inspection. After all, you don’t want your family or home to become the subject of the next Westchester, NY urban legend!

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