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Mold Removal Westchester: The Five Mold Mafia Families

Published by 911 Restoration Westchester NY on June 27, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection

The Five Mafia Families of New York enjoy a special place rooted deep in America’s history. Mold and the need for water damage restoration have an even more expansive past. Since 1931, the Mafia has run things on the East Coast through back-alley deals and carried-out threats. Before the inception of the United States, mold has plagued the lives of Americans. Always contact mold removal Westchester specialists when a fungus infestation sprouts. If these types of mold knock on your door, you may wish it was the Mafia instead.

Where does Mold Hide?

The mold family of Botrytis hides in plain sight, like the Mafia, waiting for the right time to strike in order to maximize its profit and your loss. Most mold grows in areas with high levels of humidity, like bathrooms with poor ventilation. If you’re playing detective and want to sniff out this pesky fungus infestation, don’t use your nose. Botrytis causes allergic reactions and asthma. Mold removal Westchester professionals usually use breathing protection and the latest drying technology when the mystery of mold is afoot. It is a bad idea to take the fight to mold or mafia yourself, so leave it to the pros, it could save your life.

What are the Requirements for Mold Growth?

While mold can popup anywhere, just like the Mafia members that rustle up a restaurant just to assert their dominance, different fungi prefer different environments. For example, Serpula lacrymans rots damp wood without much moisture. This quite infestation destroys the infrastructure of your property without alerting you to its presence, think of it as a mole in the ranks of the Five Families. It eats organic material until the roof collapses from unstable supports. On the other side of the coin, Ulocladium shows up in places with heavy water saturation. If you recently had a flood in your building, and did not use a professional for water damage restorationl, chances are Ulocladium exists.

Is it Possible to Have More than One Type of Mold?

Yes, while it is rare for Mafia families or mold types to join forces, because both kinds of assailants are constantly fighting for territory, Chaetomium accompanies most other mold by growing on water-damaged drywall. A fungus like this has its pros and cons. On the plus side, it gives off a musty scent that can help you detect an otherwise stealthy infestation. It works the same as a loud-mouthed Wise Guy looking to boast about his secrets and winds up getting his friends arrested. On the other hand, not all mold removal is equal. Remediation used for Ulocladium may not eradicate Chaetomium. If you find yourself with one mold family, it is a good idea to request an inspection that tests for the rest of them as well.

What are the Dangers of Mold?

The biggest similarity between the Five Mafia Families and the different mold types is the danger they present; they both send you to the hospital with pain between your ribs. While a couple of enforcers might crush your lungs with a bat, Trichoderma attacks you internally. It releases mycotoxins that cause respiratory problems and other health risks including an onset of previously absent allergies. The EPA sent an APB regarding mold in an attempt to keep everyone safe in times of crisis. If you feel the affects of Trichoderma setting in, get to a doctor as fast as possible and request the aid of top notch mold removal detectives. It won’t be a pretty job, but somebody’s gotta clean up these homes.

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