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Mold Sickness in Cats

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Mold is a disaster that can affect all members of your family, including your pets. In the same way mold spores clog your esophagus and cause allergies in your children, they create problems for your cats.

It is important to recruit the professionals at 911 Restoration Westchester if you suspect mold in your home because we have the necessary training and technology to find the fungus and eliminate it.

Mold can spread through your home at a rate of a room per day, and once it infects your ventilation system, it will soon be in your bedroom, crawling into your respiratory system while you sleep.

If anyone in your family, including your pet,  develops spontaneous sneezing or coughing, call 911 Restoration Westchester for a free visual inspection.

Stachybotrys: The Black Mold

Stachybotrys, or black mold, is the deadliest of molds found in the United States. In cats, this type of mold can lead to pulmonary hemorrhage, or bleeding in the lungs. If you see your cat, or anyone else for that matter, cough up blood, take them to the hospital.

Stachybotrys is extremely dangerous to humans and even worse to cats, as their bodies are smaller and can be completely affected faster.

At the first sign of trouble, take action to have your home inspected before it is too late.


Aspergillosis is a more common type of mold that can be found indoors and outdoors, so your cat is never completely safe from it. The signs that your pet may have inhaled or ingested these spores are runny nasal discharge, labored breathes, and over all weakness.

Keep a close eye on your cat so that you can identify issues before they become worse. Cats are masters of disguise when it comes to illness. If they don’t feel well, they don’t always show it. You know how your cat usually acts and if he or she seems a bit off, it may be time for a check up.

When a veterinarian determines mold is to blame, take the diagnosis seriously, the next victim of mold spores could be you.

Eating Mold

Most of the time, cats will turn away from moldy food, but sometimes, especially with dairy products, the temptation is too strong and curiosity gets the better of them. We all know what happens after that.

Digesting mold leads to muscle spasms, body tremors, and possibly convulsions. All of these are precursors of a much worse fate, so get your pet to the hospital as soon as possible if you recognize these symptoms.


Just like humans, cats can fall victim to allergies and these are heightened by mold. Severe reactions ramp up quickly in cats, occurring in a matter of minutes.

When mold could be a possibility in your home, watch your cat closely and have 911 Restoration Westchester watch out for your property. Call us today to check for mold and help keep your entire family safe and healthy with our fresh start attitude.

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