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Who are the Real Water Damage Miracle Workers?

Published by 911 Restoration Westchester NY on March 11, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Every hundred years or so, humanity is blessed with an exception person who leaves his or her mark on society—influencing mankind to go above and beyond their limitations while helping to make the world a better place. We all know the story of Helen Keller, and the memorable scene from her life in which she feverishly pumped well water into her hands when she learned how to identify words for the first time. As touching a scene as this was, had Annie Sullivan not been there to stop her, the water could have been pumped all day long spilling gallons into the ground potentially threatening the home’s foundation. Although the chances are slim that a future recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom will crank out water by the gallons and flood your home, it is more likely that a pipe burst or a spell of bad weather could result in water soaking the ground around your home causing extensive damage. When this happens let the real miracle worker (your local water damage Westchester company) take on the problem and remediate the catastrophe faster than it took Helen to sign the word ‘water’.

What Does a Water Damage Company Do that Homeowners Can’t?

Look at it this way; it took Captain Keller numerous attempts at placing Helen with a teacher who could deliver real results. Just as you may try to remove flood water from your home, the job will not be done satisfactory because you don’t have the certificates, training, experience and equipment that a water damage Westchester team of technicians boast in their resume of miracle workings. Water damage teams are like mirror images of famed teacher Annie Sullivan—they have the skills, patience and training to stick to the most challenging jobs and walk away with another success story under their belt.

So why should you call a water damage company? For starters, water damage Westchester technicians use the latest water extraction methods to expel water quickly without causing additional damage to the home. They also use innovative drying technology so not a drop of moisture is left behind to cause a potential household mold problem.

Can Water Damage be Treated Later in Time?

Under no circumstance should a home owner ignore water damage. Annie Sullivan knew when to stop Helen from her frenzy of pumping water, and so too should homeowners know that calling a water damage Westchester company immediately will help prevent any additional damage. A mural depicting the arrival of Jonas Bronk in Westchester County suffered from water damage due to careless courthouse construction work. It took the county three mind-blowing years after the initial damage occurred to finally step in and phone a water damage Westchester team to restore the courthouse. Had the county acted immediately, the damage would have been less extensive and the cost would have been a fraction to whatever financial amount was racked up.

Embrace Your Miracle

If you come home from the Mets game to discover that your basement has three feet of water in it, or a rain leak has rotted your home’s wood, call a water damage Westchester company and watch the miracle workers in action as they pump out the water, rid the room of any moisture and restore the home to its previous condition. In fact, water damage Westchester technicians are so skilled they could do the job blindfolded.

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