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Water Damage: The Ossining Boil

Published by SEO on August 4, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration

The Ossining Water Department had a busy weekend, but the boil warning has ended. On Thursday night (8/1/2014), a pipe broke along Route 134 and Route 9A, potentially contaminating the water supply of residents in Westchester County. The boil order was put into effect by authorities and remained in place through Sunday (8/3/2014). In order to stay safe, residents and local restaurants were told to bring their tap water to a standing boil for one minute before drinking it or using it in food preparation and cleaning. Bathing or cleaning clothes with the contaminated tap water was acceptable. Luckily, the plumbing has been fixed and you can now drink straight from the tap once again. The only water emergencies you have to worry about now are leaks that may turn into floods. If that ever happens to you, call the water damage Westchester professionals for water restoration services that will keep you safe and make your home as good as new.

Water: The Breeding Ground for Disease

All living things need water, including organisms and bacteria. Whether it is standing water in a basement collecting mold, or a broken water line that catches external pathogens in its current, water breeds disease. This is why the boil order went into effect so quickly. The staff at the Ossining Water Department knew the dangers associated with a pipe burst. You can take steps to avoid the potential for water-borne disease in your  house by installing a sewage back flow valve, testing your sump pumps, and having water damage Westchester experts inspect your plumbing. Without these preventative measures, you could end up with a disease-ridden toilet overflow, floods in your basement, or ruptured hoses that destroy your carpets. All of these factors have the potential to introduce mold spores and other toxins that can cripple your respiratory system.

City Pipe Bursts VS Your Pipe Burst

When a city’s pipe bursts, it leaves hundreds or even thousands without water. Los Angeles recently lost 20 million gallons of water from a broken pipe. While our local event was not as extensive, it did limit water to some residents over the weekend. When your plumbing fails, you may lose your water for a short time, but professional water damage services should be able to repair your plumbing quickly and for an affordable price. The city enlists the aid of technicians who excel in disaster restoration and so should you. Westchester County has projects in place to keep the city system running, and it still fails from time to time. If you do not clean your gutters, replace old sewage lines, or insulate your pluming, your water line could break too. When it does, shut down your water valve and call the water damage Westchester team to minimize the damage.

What Diseases are in Water?

Water harbors a number of diseases, including E. coli. When sewage gets involved, the potential for bacteria is certain. Black water spills can send humans to the hospital through a mere touch. Grey water causes severe intestinal problems when ingested. Even clean water can house micro-organisms waiting to nest inside your body. The best policy when dealing with any disaster is to call the water damage Westchester crew for same day service. This will keep you out of harm’s way and restore your property as soon as possible.

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