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Water Damage Westchester: Choosing a Hotel for the World Cup

Published by 911 Restoration Westchester NY on June 13, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


If you are like 3 billion other people on the planet then you are a soccer fan, and with the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil you may be clamoring for a hotel room in one of the many locations of Brazil where your team will take on their next opponent. But did you know the hospitality regulations in Brazil are not on level with our own and you could very well check into a room with water damage or a mold problem? Just ask a local professional water damage Westchester company and they will tell you that exposure to water damage onset mold can be more dangerous than a money bite! This is especially true for soccer fans with weakened immune systems (like Man United fans). This article will address the dangers of short-term mold exposure and provide tips for finding the best hotel accommodations in a country that, though they have festive dancing ripe with color and pop, the sanitary conditions of their walls is more or less stale and black.

Why Temporary Exposure to Mold is Bad

Mold spores are toxic and the deadly spores tend to breed and multiply in areas high in moisture and humidity levels. Furthermore, mold grows in areas where pipes have leaked deep within walls or externally in bathrooms and where water damage Westchester restoration services were not performed. In truth most healthy young adults can stay in a room with mold for a few nights and not get ill, but here are some things to consider: (1) there have been recorded cases of healthy adults falling ill due to temporary mold exposure, and (2) temporary mold exposure from hotels is even more risky for the elderly, children and people with immune deficiencies or other illnesses. Mold causes respiratory problems, nausea, vomiting and a number of other health concerns. Also, keep in mind you are going to be spending time in a region that has a completely different eco system than the one you are used to. Your chances of getting ill abroad in such climates more than triples than were you to sleep in a moldy hotel room back in the U.S. You don’t want to be having respiratory problems when you are cheering for John Terry to nail that corner kick and sail the ball past the goalkeeper’s head straight into the net, so be sure you do careful research before reserving a hotel room (if there are any left).

Choosing a Clean Hotel in Brazil

Sites like Trip Advisor or other American-based establishments that rate hotels according to U.S. Health Codes will be a godsend. The top water damage Westchester company points out that many companies even show hotels with water damage and mold on their sites so you will know which accommodations to avoid. Brazil’s hotels are, for the most part, older and the plumbing has not been updated. Old pipes leak water, and water damage causes mold growth. You may want to look for a newly built hotel after the year 2000 to reduce the risk of mold exposure, but if you happen to catch a match with Russia then you may already be too late to visit Brazil without encountering a mold problem!

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