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Water Damage Westchester: Don’t Put that in Your Pipe and Smoke It!

Published by 911 Restoration Westchester NY on June 25, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration


Your home is likely the biggest financial investment you will make in your life, so you better have the number of a water damage Westchester company stuck to your fridge in the event you suffer from the devastation a pipe burst can unleash. When water is allowed to enter your home and soak your carpets, floors and walls, getting quick water damage restoration services in a timely manner can make all the difference from having to deal with a minimal repair to one of extensive and huge proportions. There are many factors that cause pipes to burst that include freezing temperatures, common wear and tear, and outdated materials. But what actually goes into your pipes also plays a devastating consequence on your plumbing system.

Your Water is a Ticking Time Bomb

Water runs through your pipes the way blood flows through your veins, and without a healthy plumbing system moving water to a fro, your home would eventually break down. Any water damage Westchester crew will say that in order to maintain your pies you need to ensure your water is healthy and fit for sustaining a functioning plumbing system. Depending where you live, your risk of having hard water may be greater than others. Although hard water won’t harm one’s health when they drink it, this water can damage appliances and pipes. Have you ever looked into the bottom of an electric kettle to see a crusty surface? This is a sign that you have hard water, as mineral deposits build up over time to create a layer. Calcium, gypsum, magnesium and dolomite are all common minerals found in hard water, and as they move through your pipes they cling to the internal walls and begin forming a crusty barrier. Eventually narrowing will occur and than a final blockage will cause enough pressure to erupt water into your home via a pipe burst requiring immediate rescue from a water damage Westchester team.

Flushing Etiquette

Another common cause for pipe bursts simply falls on poor flushing etiquette. You would never swallow a big walnut without chewing it first, otherwise you might find yourself receiving the Heimlick Maneuver while your face turns purple. Your toilet and pipes work the same way; when big or harsh objects are flushed a blockage can occur in your plumbing that sends returning water or sewage up into your home. This is when you need professional sewage backup services or “the Heimlick of the plumbing world” from a water damage Westchester unit to step in and get things all right with your pipes! You should only flush plumbing-graded toilet tissue and never items like wet facial wipes, tampons, cotton balls, disposable diapers, newspaper, oil and grease, condoms, cotton balls or anything else that can cause a nasty clog! Don’t put these things down your pipes or you may be smoking mad from a hefty repair bill!

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