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Water Damage Westchester: Let’s Shed some Light on your Storage Shed

Published by 911 Restoration Westchester NY on May 7, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

If you have a surplus of gardening gear, holiday decorations, books, athletic equipment or any other items that simply can’t fit in the home or in your garage, a shed is an ideal storage option. Sheds come in a variety of sizes and can be customized with shelving to store things off the ground, or it can provide safe coverage for your motorcycle in the winter time. But how can you protect your valuables from the elements? Most water damage Westchester restoration specialists have been on their fair share of calls involving flooding in a customer’s out-building or shed, and like a home, they can provide the necessary remediation steps to repair the leaks and restore the tiny structure back to its original form. But what type of shed is the best to stand against harsh weather, and what type will help prevent mold growth? The best shed option to withstand bad weather is one of high quality construction.

What is the Best Type of Water-Proof Shed?

From a construction standpoint, the best weather-proof shed is once engineered by design to keep the water out. According to a government-based home improvement site, the best weather-proof shed is one with a tongue and groove design in which interlocking timbers form a stronger, water-proof design than a cheaper shed would offer. You will pay more for this type of system, but if storing your items safely is really worth it to you, then the investment will be justified. You should also choose the strongest roof felt to keep water from dripping in. We all know how snow melt-off and rain can take a toll on Westchester County homes and out-buildings, so opting for the best construction materials will help prevent you from joining the ranks of those who had to call a 24/7 flood damage restoration company in the middle of the night. Finally, make sure to use a water-resistant sealer on your wood building to help prevent it from absorbing water, and install gutters and a downspout to preclude your roof from taking on the burden of heavy pooling water.

How can I Prevent Mold Growth in my Storage Shed?

You can prevent mold growth in your shed by following the advice mentioned in the preceding paragraph, as mold has a slimmer chance of growing in areas where no moisture is allowed to get in. But despite your efforts if your shed smells musty and your stored books feel damp or have black spots on them, you will need to call a mold removal specialist and take additional steps to ensure mold won’t be returning. You can install a small room dehumidifier to reduce the levels of moisture and humidity to a healthy reading. You can also insulate your shed and institute a temperature control monitor.

The last thing you want is to go to your shed after Thanksgiving and pull out your holiday decorations with the kids only to discover that your giant Santa has a nasty mold spot on his face, nor do you want your books to look and feel like they were stored in a swamp. By following these steps you can establish a healthy shed that sheds healthy light on your sacred, stored items.

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